Right to Privacy

The nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Thursday underpinned the right to privacy as a fundamental right under the Constitution. It is known as that Privacy is a fundamental right, same as the right to life ,which lies above all constitutions of the world democracies. Considering  the Aadhar reformation   which encapsules all the public information is a violation of Act 21 of the constitution. But could a common man live without a Aadhar card just to sit by his privacy?

In the light of technological advancement, the Indian Government have to take a fresh look on the right to privacy and its contours in the modern day. The is  an early catch which in future could be vital considering the case of call-records dragnet, reported  by the NSA spy Edward Snowden. Even the Democratic presidential front-runner Hilary Clinton was not able to evade the scrutiny by the NSA.

The decision by the Supreme Court can be a stepping stone to a more refined and  comprehensive path to get a clear vision about the matter of privacy. The government should ask recommendation and formulate changes to protect public data. The decision on  what conditions can public data will be used for matters such as National Security should be clear cut . The current government have said that the right to privacy is a fundamental right but not “absolute”. The usage of absolute could have many interpretation which may differ from one government to other. The Critics have argued that even Aadhar data can be used by private enterprises to predict customer behavior and other misuses which could harm the common man without his consent.

With the advent of modern digital world ,the 12 digit Aadhar number can be a boom for India . The regulation of direct subsidies , linkage of Income tax and bank accounts are benefits which are visible . Aadhar is also a chain to dismantle the black money from corruption which is the foremost agenda of the government .But these all benefits can only be sustained until the data is in correct hands and away from hackers. Recently the government mishandled and leaked thousands of aadhar number on its website.

At last , this is the right time to spend on assessing  the issue and build a comprehensive framework which is beneficial in future to the economy as well as its people . This decision is a welcome sign of a progressive democracy and its implication in the changing era of Modern World.






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